Ransomware and HIPAA


Healthcare is considered the top cyber-attacked industry. Healthcare ransomware attacks are predicted to quadruple by 2020.  How do you prepare your organization for those attacks?

Learning Objectives

At the end of this activity, the learner will be able to:

  1. Have an awareness of the malware threats to healthcare organizations especially ransomware attacks.
  2. Recognize some security controls built into the HIPAA security rule that can be used to mitigate damage and possibly prevent a ransomware attack.
  3. Have an awareness of the basic steps to follow if a ransomware attack occurs to respond and recover properly in order to meet an organization’s HIPAA obligations.

Content Outline

  1. Explain what is ransomware and how criminals can be successful in tricking users to execute an attack.
  2. Explain how HIPAA security controls and training can help prevent a ransomware attack or at least minimize its impact.
  3. Identify the steps that should be taken if an organization does experience a ransomware attack.