Presentation Topics

Ransomware and HIPAA

Ransomware attacks have become daily occurrences around the world today.  Do you understand what ransomware means to you and in your environment?  In this talk, Donna will explain why ransomware is so prevalent, how it works and what you should do if you experience an attack.

If you are subject to HIPAA rules, you must also understand the investigation and breach notification assessments that must be done after an attack.  That detail is also covered and it may surprise you to find out some of the things you should be doing.

No matter what your business may be, ransomware is something you must understand and have a plan to respond when you get hit with an attack.

Description, outline, and learning objectives.


Risky Business: Assuming You Don’t Have To Worry About Insiders

Insiders are statistically more likely to be the root cause of any privacy and security breach. What are examples of that kind of risky business?

  • Assuming staff knows what to do when they see a phishing email.
  • Assuming staff knows what to do if they click when they shouldn’t.
  • Assuming staff will never inappropriately use or disclose PHI.
  • Assuming your tech team has everything covered.
  • Assuming everyone will know what to do when an incident happens.
  • Assuming everyone really understands HIPAA.

This session explains what you should do now to make sure you aren’t the one that says, “I assumed….” after an incident occurs.


Cyber Hygiene: Infection Control For Your Technology

In many healthcare environments, infection control is a part of every step taken.  Every office addresses infection control on hyper alert during flu season.  Sometimes, the office isn’t seeing patients and the policies for infection control during flu season are posted and reiterated everywhere you look.  Cybersecurity can be handled the same way.  Cyber Hygiene is following similar methods on your technology that you would in your office to protect your staff and patients from spreading disease and serious infections.

In this talk, Donna will show you the equivalent concepts of washing your hands, using Sharps containers, and disinfect surfaces within your technology.  The CDC publishes a regular guide to infection prevention.  Consider this talk your cyber version of that guide.