About Donna

Donna Grindle has been in the healthcare IT field for 30 years. After spending her early years in software development, she progressed through various departments, management, and executive positions throughout the 1990s. Donna opened her own consulting firm in 1998 specializing in consulting and technical support for a variety of businesses in the medical industry.

As Founder and President of Kardon Compliance, Donna’s extensive experience is focused on developing and maintaining effective privacy and security programs for all kinds of businesses.

You can hear Donna’s weekly podcast, Help Me With HIPAA with the Help Me With HIPAA App, on iTunes, Stitcher and many other podcasting platforms and apps.

Donna Grindle is also a featured speaker at conferences, forums, organization meetings, webinars, and more. She can be heard speaking on topics ranging from general business cybersecurity to complex HIPAA topics for compliance officers.

Donna’s presentation style is different than speakers you usually hear on topics like HIPAA and cybersecurity programs. It is often said, "I can’t believe I enjoyed a presentation on privacy and security!" Download Donna’s speaker bio in PDF format here.

What Attendees Have Shared

The presenter was the most fun person in regards to HIPAA that I have ever seen.  She is a trip.  Love the southern expressions.

This is the first time a HIPAA class made me really think about HIPAA differently!

Donna is a great presenter.  Very lively, funny, and informative.  I only wish she had more time!

Donna’s presentation was both engaging and educational.  She created an interactive platform to discuss and highlight the current climate of data breaches and cyber attacks within healthcare.  Her presentation was phenomenal!


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